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Voor uw printer, de beste kwaliteit inkt en tonerprodukten met garantie

Thanks to us you can now save money on your ink and toners!

Here you can find Smartdeals ink cartridges and toners.

All cartridges are produced in Europe and have the highest print quality, with the right print chip and a minimum 2 year warranty.

There are also various smartdeal packages composed against very low prices. Look at the page of Promotions first to check if your smartdeal package is already listed so that you can order your ink at the lowest price.

Our own compatible brand delivers you a big saving and often also contains significantly more ink than the original brand cartridges.

The price difference this way is often as high as 60%.

For the best price/quality ratio you can best order the "smartdeal package" for your printer.

These packages are newly manufactured and are not recycled patterns. This gives you a high quality product with a lifetime warranty.

You can order cartridges 24/7, but if you order before 5pm, they will be delivered the next working day (for 90% of the deliveries - on working days). You can contact us for all major and less common brands.